Divorce Asset Investigation

At the end of the 20th century the divorce rate in the United States was 43% to 46% of all marriages.

In 2016 there were 827,000 marriages that ended in a divorce or separation.

An asset investigation will assist in identifying hidden assets that may not have been disclosed during the divorce proceedings. The investigators are able to identify assets that may not be discoverable.


Assets may be hidden by the transfer to a family member or business associate, the creation of a custodial account in a child’s name; by transferring funds into a 401k or pension plan, providing fraudulent loans to the company’s business.

Divorce proceedings become emotional and turn into a battle over marital assets.

An asset investigation will ensure that all assets have been verified prior to finalizing a divorce settlement. Our goal is to assist in identifying hidden assets to provide closure to a painful situation.

The asset investigators are able to identify bank accounts, money markets, certificates of deposits, brokerage accounts, safety deposit boxes, real property, motor vehicles, airplanes and vessels.

The investigators will obtain the balances and last deposits in the financial institution. In addition, the investigation will include credit activity, liens, judgments, bankruptcy filings, mortgage and credit line balances.

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