Probate Asset Investigation

The death of a love one is very difficult. Are you the executor or personal representative of an estate?

Executors have a fiduciary responsibility to identify all assets and liabilities of an estate while in probate.

This enables all funds to be properly distributed to the beneficiaries and heirs.

An asset investiation will assist in identifying assets of the deceased. When an individual passes away, the surviving family members and legal representatives do not always know where the decedent had assets. The executor may have incomplete financial records. There may be no financial planner or estate attorney.

The individual may have suffered from dementia. During this time, there may have been a fraudulent transfer of assets.

This is a difficult time for all involved. Our asset investigation team will obtain the necessary information to assist in the closure of the estate.


The asset investigators are able to identify bank accounts, money markets, certificates of deposits, brokerage accounts, safety deposit boxes, real property, motor vehicles, airplanes and vessels.

The investigators will obtain the balances and last deposits in the financial institution. In addition, the investigation will include credit activity, liens, judgments, bankruptcy filings, mortgage and credit line balances.

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