Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does Nationwide Asset Investigations. Provide Services?
Nationwide Asset Investigations. provides service in all fifty (50) states through our nationwide network of independent investigators and collection law firms.

Is Nationwide Asset Investigations. A Member Of Any National Trade Associations?

Yes, we are a member of the Better Business Bureau, Equifax credit bureau, Experian creidit bureau, Dun & Bradstreet.

Is There A Contract To Sign?

We have a Judgment Retention Agreement and Permissive Use From prepared for your signature in order to protect your interest as well as ours.

If I Want To Begin Utilizing Your Services, How Do I Get Started?

In order to get started you need to execute our Company’s Judgment Retention Agreement or Permissive Use Form. You can email the Agreement to our office at

Are You Able To Find People and Corporations?

Yes, our firm utilizes independent asset investigators. They are able to locate most individuals and corporations. Our investigators are equipped with the latest software to track down individuals and corporations when they relocate. It is helpful to have the last known address, social security number or federal identification number.

Is Nationwide Asset Investigation. Able To Locate Debtor’s Assets?

Our independent asset investigators specialize in locating hidden assets such as bank accounts and brokerage accounts. The Gramm Leach Bliley Act requires that all financial investigations have a permissive purpose. Our searches are performed legally; therefore our firm requires the requesting party to have a valid need for this type of information.

Is There A Guarentee When I Place An Asset Investigation?

There are cases that our investigators will be unable to locate assets, either the individual or corporation has filed bankruptcy or has transferred their assets to a third party Therefore, there are no guarantees.

How Long Is My Judgment Good For?

The length of time a judgment is good for is based on the states Statute Of Limitation where the judgment was awarded.

I Have A Judgment. Can You Collect It For Me?

If your judgment is within the states Statute Of Limitations and is in excess of $3,500.00 our firm will assist you in the enforcement and collection of your judgment.

Does Nationwide Asset Investigation. Require Me To Execute An Agreement For Assignment Of The Rights To My Judgment?

Absolutely not, You have worked diligently in pursuing your case through the courts. You have finally received a document which entitles you to enforce the collection of monies that are owed. You do not want to give a third party the rights to control your case indefinitely. Nationwide Asset Investigation. requires you to sign an agreement which entitles our firm to act as your agent to enforce the collection of the judgment. If we are unable to enforce the collections within ninety (90) days you have the right to terminate our agreement and do not owe any money.

How Long Does It Take To Collect My Judgment Or Enforce My Child Support Case?

This varies depending on the financial conditions of the debtor. Once our investigators have determined that there are assets such as bank accounts, brokerage accounts or real property it typically will take forty five to sixty days for our attorneys to enforce the collection of the judgment or child support case. In the event that our investigators are unable to locate any liquid assets we will attempt to proceed with a garnishment of wages. There are some cases that will become uncollectible.

The Judgment Debtor Has Left The State Where I Have Obtained The Judgment. What Can I Do?

We can help you. Our independent investigators can conduct a skip trace to locate the target. Once we have verified were the debtor has moved one of collection lawyers can domesticate the judgment to another state so we can enforce the collection.

How Do I Get Paid?

Once our attorney is able to enforce the judgment through the courts. Our office will remit to you a check and statement with our agreed upon contingency fee which reflects what has been collected.

Does Nationwide Asset Investigation. Purchase Judgments?